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Southern Sparkler

Fix yourself this patriotic, refreshing cocktail and toast to the good ol’ USA, y’all!

Dixie Honey Lemonade

A simple, refreshing summertime sip that goes down easy — but pace yourself, friends, it might just sneak up on you.

Spicy Southern Sipper

Just like a Southern mama, this drink is a little sweet and a little sassy—and a great addition to any get together.

Raspberry Dill Mule

Give this unique cocktail a chance — it’s like a garden in a glass.

Kiwi Fresno Mule

Get your daily dose of fruits and veggies in this mouthwatering mashup.

Pineapple Jalapeño Mule

With one sip, you’ll be transported to the Caribbean, with a kick.

Blueberry Basil Mule

This fruity and herbal cocktail is a summertime masterpiece in a mule mug.

Strawberry Mint Mule

This sip is as fresh as a Southern gentleman and sweet as a Southern belle.

South of The Border

A fresh take on a South-of-the-Border favorite when mango nectar meets the World’s Best Flavored Vodka.

Dixie Pick-Me-Up

Whipped coffee meets a White Russian!

Dixie Black Pepper Grilled Bloody Mary

There are cocktails, then there are grilled cocktails. Take the traditional Bloody Mary to the next level by grilling up vegetables to purée into your own mix. Combine with Dixie Black Pepper Vodka and grilled garnishes. Yes, you are a serial griller.

Speedway Cocktail

Raise a glass to goin’ fast with a Speedway, the official cocktail of racing!

Dixie Coco DeLeche

Our friends at Pony Up in Denver, Colorado developed this decadent hot cocoa cocktail to show off the fun and range of our Mint flavor!

Dixie Sleigh

“Sleigh” your holiday party or family get together with this seasonal cocktail that features a conversation-starting, fruit-filled ice ring. 

Primrose Garden

Fruits, veggies, and herbs make this bright batch cocktail the perfect refreshment to satisfy any adventurous crowd.

Fall for Dixie

You and your guests will fall for this autumn-inspired cocktail that has more flavors than you can shake a stick at. 

Dixie Honeycrisp

This one might take a little TLC and time to put together, but it’s a game changer you’ll be craving again and again.

Wildflower Hot Toddy

It’s like our Dixie Wildflower Honey Vodka was made for a hot toddy. Sit back, relax, and sip on this warm mixed-up classic—it’ll cure what ails you.

French Honey Mule

A slightly sweet and fruity take on a classic Mule, this refreshing cocktail is the perfect way to up the ante for friends, family, or yourself.

The Birds and the Bees

Just as complex as the talk you have with your kids, but much more enjoyable. Actually, it’d be the perfect thing to sip on after having “the talk.”

Flight of the Bees

Complex, floral, and slightly sweet, this beautiful cocktail is a delicious showstopper that will have your friends buzzing about it for days to come.

Bee’s Elbows

Our Southern interpretation of a Prohibition-era classic that stars Dixie Wildflower Honey Vodka instead of gin.

Honey Lavender Lemonade

Honey, lemon, and lavender mingle well together in this elegant, floral cocktail that makes any ordinary moment feel a bit fancier. Pinky out, darling.

Dixie Mint Tea

On a warm summer day. there’s nothing more refreshing than mint and mama’s sweet tea—unless you add some Dixie Mint Vodka.

Dixie Dream

Fix this smooth coffee-inspired cocktail, featuring Dixie Mint Vodka and Kahlua, to add a little pep in your step morning, noon, or night.

Dixie Julep Mule

Whether you’re watching the Derby or spending an afternoon with friends in the backyard, this twist on a classic mint julep will have you racing back for more.

Strawberry Mint Lemonade

Spring and summer parties call for refreshing crowd pleasers like this batch recipe that not only look great, but also tastes amazing.

Salt & Pepper Martini

Elevate your straightforward dirty martini with the addition of Dixie Black Pepper Vodka, the World’s Best Flavored Vodka.

Dixie Firefly

Light up your night like fireflies in the summer with this spicy, tart, and fun cocktail that requires just a few simple ingredients.

Spicy Southern Mule

Kick your mule game up a notch with the addition of jalapeños and Dixie Black Pepper Vodka, the World’s Best Flavored Vodka.

Oyster Shooter

Dixie Black Pepper Vodka, the World’s Best Flavored Vodka, creates the perfect kick—just add an oyster, cocktail sauce, and lemon, then send it down the hatch!

Southern Spiced Cider

This flavorful batch recipe is the ideal cocktail for any fall or winter party you’ll throw. And be sure to make extra, because it’s going to be popular!

The South’s Best Bloody Mary

The World’s Best Flavored Vodka was made for fixin’ a Bloody Mary. Add your own creative garnishes to make this cocktail a meal.

Southern Charm

This charming and refreshing cocktail is unlike anything you’ve ever had before—but we think you’ll keep coming back for more.

Dixie Lemon Drop

It’s hard to beat a classic martini, so we upped the up the game with our award-winning Dixie Citrus Vodka for a little something extra.


Fresh herbs and berries, plus a refreshing kick of citrus, mean this eye-catching cocktail will leave you feeling fine-n-dandy!

Southern Sass

This is a drink with attitude. Tart grapefruit meets the kick of jalapeño and the slight sweetness of Dixie Citrus Vodka. Perfection!

Dixie Daly

A little feisty, a little creative, and a whole lot of tasty! This easy-drinker is what you’ll be craving after a day on the course. 

Berry Southern Lemonade

Fresh blackberries and tart lemonade, plus Dixie Citrus Vodka, are a match made in Southern cocktail heaven. 

Peach Collins

Our Southern take on this traditional cocktail stars Dixie Peach Vodka and a few simple ingredients you probably already have on hand. 

Southern Sangria

Whether you’re throwing a 4th of July party or just enjoying an afternoon on the porch, this batch cocktail is sure to please.

Peach on the Beach

Escape to Myrtle Beach, 30A, or your other favorite Southern beach when you fix this tropical and fruity concoction.

Practice What You Peach

A classic Arnold Palmer gets spiked with a fruity Southern twist when you add our peak-season peach-flavored vodka.

Dixie Peach Tea

Is there anything better than a peach iced tea on a summer day? Actually, yes! Our version with Dixie Peach Vodka.

Frozen Peach Bellini

If you love a good Bellini, you’ll love this frozen version with fresh mint. Pull out your blender, add ice, and get to mixin’!

Dixie Peach Bellini

Up your brunch game with our easy, bubbly, fruity cocktail that will replace your traditional mimosa or Bellini in just one sip. 

Peach Mule

Simple, fruity, refreshing. Just one small tweak on this classic cocktail changes the game on this classic cocktail. 

Southern Vodka-rita

Our lightened up version of a margarita made with vodka will be your new favorite addition to Taco Tuesday (or any day of the week).

Whistlin’ Watermelon

If a frozen watermelon margarita-style drink with our core Southern vodka doesn’t scream Southern summer, we don’t know what does!

Southern Berry

The extra effort to fix your own blueberry simple syrup is worth it in this lemon-ginger-blueberry cocktail that will impress. 

Country Collins

A slightly gussied up version of your go-to vodka and soda—and with just a few simple ingredients, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

June Bug

Your traditional mule gets a summery Southern upgrade with a muddled peach that makes it perfect peak-summer enjoyment.

Dixie Mule

This classic cocktail can’t be beat! It’s easy to make, refreshing, and perfect for any occasion. 

Dixie Darlin’

This cocktail is sophisticated, complex, and beautiful, just like a Southern Belle. Fix this to give your tastebuds a break from your normal routine. 

Slanted Porch

This easy cocktail is a grown-up take on your favorite Arnold Palmer, and if you drink a few too many, you might feel like your porch is leaning to one side. 

Spicy Southern Sipper

Just like a Southern mama, this drink is a little sweet and a little sassy—and a great addition to any get together.

Southern Mango Cooler

Perfect for an evening on the porch after a long day, this light, refreshing cocktail is slightly tropical and floral and 100% delicious.