There’s no arguing that 2020 has been a tough year for all of us. But here at Dixie Vodka, we’re lucky to have had some sunshine breaking through the cloudy days.

This year, we were honored to become the Official Vodka of NASCAR, a partnership that’s helped us start to do what NASCAR did in the past: go from a proud regional business with passionate fans across the South to a nationally accessible and well-loved brand that folks far and wide seek out.

Even with all that change, some things won’t, like our commitment to quality, innovation, and honoring our roots.

Just like NASCAR, we constantly strive to deliver the best product for our new and old friends across the nation. And while NASCAR continues to innovate with things like new car technology, we continue to do so by bringing new, authentic flavors to y’all.

We highlight the best flavors our region has to offer by partnering with some of the Southeast’s most iconic farmers and gardeners (and even beekeepers) to infuse our award-winning vodkas with the fruits of their labor at peak freshness. That means when you take a drink of our Dixie Peach Vodka, you might as well have taken a juicy sweet Georgia peach off of a tree from Lane Southern Orchards in the middle of summer.

Can you tell we’re a passionate bunch over here? We’re proud of what we’re doing and where we’ve come from, and we are equally as proud when folks take notice of all our hard work. Built in America’s Innovation Nation recently highlighted Dixie Vodka and NASCAR as two innovative American businesses that have grown from regional roots to nationwide players. It’s an honor to not only partner with outstanding American-made organizations rooted in American heritage and tradition like we are, but also to be recognized for that commitment.

Cheers to what’s to come!